Frustrating Design Patterns: Disabled Buttons

Imagine a world in which every button is disabled by default. Usually it’s grey, subtle and slightly out of focus, often with poor contrast and a subdued text label that’s a bit difficult to decipher. It’s not destined to remain disabled forever though. It does become active eventually once a well-formed input is provided. But before it can breathe life into the page with its full color gradient extravaganza, it just sits there calmly and silently, minding its own business. Would you like to live in this world?

Admittedly, there might be very good reasons for making buttons disabled by default. After all, as designers and developers, we want to make it more difficult for our users to make mistakes. We want to avoid wasteful jumps back and forth between error messages. We want to ensure that the input is perfectly correct before the data is even sent to the server. And we want to indicate that something important is missing before users continue to the next step.

So we invest time and effort into a resilient and reliable inline validation. And we try our best to provide helpful feedback as users make their way from one input field to another. And, of course, we make the buttons disabled by default to avoid premature clicks and taps that will only lead to the waltz with error messages.

This approach might work very well for some scenarios, but it turns out to be a disastrous design pattern for many scenarios, often to the point that customers are completely locked out, without a single chance to convey their intent to the interface. In this article, we’ll look into common usability issues with disabled buttons, how to fix these issues and when disabling buttons actually makes sense. We’ll start from the beginning, looking into when disabled buttons cause more trouble than help.

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